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Meet Dr. Anthony Garofalo

Meet Dr. Anthony Garofalo


Dear Doctor and Staff.:

Thank you for your continued participation with United Concordia Dental Plans of
California, Inc. (UCDPCA). Knox-Keene licensed plans, like UCDPCA, are heavily
regulated by the California Department of Managed Health Care. In this environment,
plan members not only have the right to submit a grievance to UCDPCA against a dental office via telephone, internet or in writing upon dissatisfaction, for any reason, they are actually encouraged to do so.

UCDPCA is pleased to report that no grievances were received regarding your office
during the three year time period of May 1, 2010 through April 30, 2013. With a
significant number of UCDPCA members enrolled in your office, this accomplishment is
notable. It is apparent that you and your staff have provided excellent service for our
members during this time period. As well, we believe that the lack of grievances
represents effective communication between your staff and our members and that your office is properly administering plan benefits to our members' expectations.

To demonstrate the significance of your accomplishment, it is important to note that only about 3% of participating dental offices are receiving this award. We actively monitor dental offices' grievance ratios (number of grievances per 1000 members, per year) and track for trends or patterns to the types of grievances received. We have found that the average grievance ratio is about 1.0 grievance per 1000 members per year. However, our monitoring processes have identified dental offices that have temporarily had grievance ratios many times higher than that average. We have also discovered that a significant number of grievances are actually a result of some sort of communication breakdown between the member and the dental office relating to fees, treatment options and/or treatment outcome expectations.

Your office's lack of grievances within the given time period is a notable achievement and UCDPCA congratulates you and your staff for your exemplary performance. We
hope you will proudly display this Certificate of Recognition. We value your continued
participation and anticipate a long lasting relationship with your office. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at (818) 936-1349.

Sincerely, Paul A. Manos, DDS

To Whom it may concern:

I have been a patient at Horizon Dental for about 7 years now. Dr. Garofalo is one of the nicest and most caring dentists I have ever known. He also employs other genuinely caring dentists who show compassion and truly care about their patients. In addition, they are all truly gifted healers in dentistry, and very reasonably priced. I am on a tight budget, and am not offered a dental plan at work, however Dr. Garofalo has always been very affordable, and the work that i get on my teeth is first class. My smile continues to look like a million bucks thanks to Horizon Dental. :) I love Horizon Dental. I feel at home there. I recommend Horizon Dental to all of my friends and family as well.

Sincerely, Amy Johnson

To whom it may concern

I had a wonderful experience with Horizon dental group which I’m going to tell you about.

I had a visit to fix a broken crown of one of front teeth; at that time, I was using an upper partial of three artificial teeth (7, 11& 13).

The doctor suggested that I get red of the partial and use bridges instead. I liked the idea and decided to go ahead with it.

The work constituted of 10 teeth in three bridges. The work was going fast and in two weeks I had the bridges in my mouth, but they were not as what I have in mind, I didn’t like their look.

When Dr. Garofalo the owner and the head of the office knew about my problem with these bridges and to get his customer satisfied and happy he ordered a new set of bridges. (10 crowns were removed and replaced with new ones— very nice looking and perfectly working.)

In the process of adjusting the bite one tooth of the new crown in front got thin and weak, two weeks later it got chipped. Dr. Garofalo ordered a new three teeth bridge replacing the broken one.

Horizon Dental Group did all the work three times without charging me a Penney over the original charge agreed upon before the work starts. I’m a very happy customer.

So if you need any dental work done, go ahead with confidence that they will work with you to your full satisfaction. And you will leave their office happy.

Thanks to Dr. Garofalo and to all his staff for the good work.

- Nagy Balamone