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Meet Dr. Anthony Garofalo

Meet Dr. Anthony Garofalo

Emergency Appointments

Horizon Dental Group offers emergency appointments daily. Pain is one of the reasons people go to the dentist. If it hurts its an emergency and should not be ignored. Any injury to the teeth or gums can be potentially serious and should not be taken lightly. By not seeking immediate treatment you risk permanent damage as well as the potential to require additional and more expensive treatment in the future. The ideas below are meant to offer temporary help with your dental problems.

Types of Emergencies

Abscess - Infection spread to areas around the tooth and gum, sometimes you will notice a painful swelling filled with puss(a thick yellowish fluid). If the puss can't drain out the area will get more swollen and painful.

Broken Dentures - Save all pieces and/or broken teeth. Our lab is on site and if possible in most cases can temporarily repair your appliance while your denture is being made quickly.

Lost Filling/Chipped Tooth - Many times are sensitive as well as sharp. If possible use clear wax or temporary over the counter cement.

Lost Crown - Teeth will drift rapidly, try to replace crown with denture adhesive or toothpaste in extremely small amounts.

Broken/Loose Ortho Wires/Bands/Bracket - Use clear wax to place over the area. Don't attempt to fix the problem.