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Meet Dr. Anthony Garofalo

Meet Dr. Anthony Garofalo


We take pride in our safe facility. Infection control procedures are precautions in health care settings to prevent the spread of disease. Horizon Dental Group cares about your safety and works hard to prevent the spread of infection. Before entering each treatment room all surfaces such as the dental chair, dental light and counter tops have been decontaminated. Horizon Dental Group, in many cases, covers our dental equipment with protective covers, which are replaced after each patient.

  • Non-disposable items like dental hand pieces(drills) and dental drill bits are cleaned and sterilized between patients. These items are placed in a steam sterilized dental machine known as an Autoclave. This container kills infections, bacteria and viruses. The Autoclaves are tested weekly by a specially licensed independent outside company.  

  • Disposable items like needles or gauze are placed in special bags or containers which are removed by a special company, which picks them up and removes them from our offices as required by law.

  • Infection control precautions also require all dental staff involved in patients care to use appropriate protective items such as gloves,mask and eye wear.

  • After each use , disposable items such as gloves and masks are discarded.

  • Before seeing the next patient, the members of each treatment team wash their hands and put on a new pair of gloves.

  • Horizon Dental Group continually monitors our procedures so that we remain in compliance with OSHA, CDC(Centers For Disease Control), ADA(American Dental Association) recommendations.